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Orderly, methodical and expressive.
32 years old, married for 10 years, 2 boys:
6 years and 1 year.
He likes music, taking long walks in the woods.

Adelina DavidFinance

Shocking, transparent, convincing and humble.
40 years old, married for 14 years, 2 boys: a 13 year old girl and a 10 year old boy.
He likes photography, music and good wine.

Marius Constantin Sales

esolute, flexible and full of common sense.
40 years old, married for 15 years, 3 children: an 8 year old boy, a 6 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.
He likes cinema, traveling and new methodologies.

Paul VasileAssembly Coordinator

Committed, serious, adaptive and patient.
35 years, married for 10 years, 2 children of 6 years and 1 year.
He likes beaches in summer, skiing in winter and naps.

Vali DavidFactory Manager
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The Team

We are a solid and dynamic team, flexible and hard-working experts, ready for the future!


Decontract is a Spanish manufacturer taking advantage of advances in automated CNC manufacturing to produce competitive high-quality products from our factory in the Spain. Supported by a significant supply chain with manufacturing capabilities in Europe, we are unique in our ability to be able to manufacture high quality furniture in any design scheme and budget to the highest Spanish standards.



We seek excellence in our products, for this we have the best production in Spain. Every detail is carefully treated according to our standards of professionalism and compromis


We seek to work only with those who share our values and guiding principles.


We aim for the highest ethical standards. This requires transparency in our actions and honest, open discourse with our business partners, employees and other stakeholders.


The best leaders are those who know the limits of their knowledge. We need to know our weaknesses to be able to address them. We must challenge the status quo and entrenched ideas, including our own. We treat all as equals and no task is beneath anyone in the firm.


We value collaboration with business partners, with clients and service providers, and within the team. There is no room for personal agendas. We promote an enjoyable, collegiate and challenging environment in which to work.


We strive to work hard and smart. We achieve this through honest, ongoing evaluations of our successes and failures. We are conscious of a fast-changing world and the need to adapt to it. Our attitude to risk is that we should not be afraid of failure but to


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In light of the ever-growing worldwide environmental consciousness, Decontract is wholeheartedly committed to addressing and decreasing our environmental impact wherever possible.

Across all the operations and processes that come with manufacturing and sourcing furniture, there is potential for dangerous emissions to do damage to the environment. In particular, air pollution from manufacturing processes and carbon emissions from freight solutions contribute to a large number of the furnishing industries pollution levels.

However, all processes spanning product design and procurement, manufacturing and packaging, as well as assembly, logistics and distribution must be addressed in order to make a monumental difference in the furniture industries environmental impact.

Decontract is dedicated to combating the potential for harm at every stage of the manufacturing cycle. We renew this commitment annually, consistently researching and adapting the way in which we produce our products and navigate our business, using new information to inform our material and manufacturing choices.

Changing our Design and Manufacturing Processes

We have moved to a 90% digital design process, reducing the necessity for printing materials wherever possible and using paper made from recyclable materials where hard copies are necessary. 

Over the last few years, we have adapted our design process to include a thorough investigation into the materials we use to manufacture and encouraged our suppliers to do the same. As a result of our commitment to minimising the impact of our activities on the environment, we only manufacture using timbers from FSC certified sources.

We now utilise eco packaging consistently throughout the company, such that we have ceased shipping goods with polystyrene and plastic wherever possible, using alternative recyclable materials such as cardboard and wooden crates instead.

We are working to reduce our carbon footprint

Where possible, Decontract aims to reduce the carbon emissions on imported goods by committing to shipping only full containers of product, meaning we will only ship when it is absolutely necessary. Furthermore, unless urgently required, the company will not transfer product via air freight.

We also aim to minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible. We are continually pursuing the use of innovative machinery and tools that reduce our carbon footprint and minimise damage to the environment. Any remaining materials are used to create new and original products that can serve a purpose.

What Do We Offer?

We provide innovative solutions to expand the business.

Furniture Manufacturing

Our manufacturing base allows us to produce consistently high-quality products in large quantities and at competitive prices.

Installation & Delivery

Our in-house installation management team will ensure that your products are installed efficiently and correctly.  Our Project Managers coordinate all activities between different departments, analyzing and supervising each project to optimize manufacturing, with the specified quality, time and budget.

Furniture Sourcing

Our unique supply chain allows us to source furniture and materials from all over the world.

Furniture Engineering

Benefit from decades of accumulated experience in designing contract furniture. We combine our know-how with the know-how of our expert and reliable suppliers to achieve the best quality at an appropriate price.

After sales services

Decontract  provides a full service from product concept right through to installation and beyond. By providing a 5 year warranty you can be sure that your products are well supported throughout their lifespan.

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Furniture Manufacturing

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